The Domain

Domaine Esprit is located on the left bank of the Rhone River on the 45th parallel in the commune of Pont de l’Isère where Crozes-Hermitage vineyards unfolds. Prestigious cru of the Rhone Valley Northern appellations, our wines are available in red, made from Syrah, and white, made from Marsanne and Roussanne. Syrah, implanted in its original cradle, offers here a fine balance between the fruit and the tannins. Red Crozes-Hermitage is a wine of elegance, balance and pleasure. Whites have a beautiful golden color, fat in the mouth, flor al and balanced. They also reveal a pretty nose of white flowers with a hint of nuts.

Our soils tipicity rests on rolled pebbles and gravels from different ices ages mixed with red clay and forming reliefs called plateaus and terraces.

Our history

  • Joseph, founder of the Domaine

    This young ardéchois born in 1872 joined the 4th Regiment of Zouaves, for several years. When he returned, this visionary and his wife Maria left their native Ardèche. In 1909 they bought a small property with vineyards in the commune of Pont de l’Isère. At that time, most of the plots were covered with oaks, only a few of them were cultivated. The soils, composed of pebbles, made agriculture difficult. Fortunately, the vine which is a robust plant allowed them to produce their wine.

    At 42, this father was called for the Great War 1914-1918 for 4 years, leaving alone his wife and 9-year-old only daughter to manage the farm.

    He devoted the rest of his life to developing the property by acquiring neighboring plots, to die at the age of 94.

    Jean wished to pay tribute to its founder Joseph calling his emblematic cuvée « Le Zouave ».

  • Marie

    In the 1930s, Marie, Joseph’s only daughter, married Marius, a bon vivant and wine lover, wine that he produced in the family cellar. They mechanized the exploitation by introducing the use of tractors. From their union three daughters were born, one of whom took over the family property.

  • Jeannette

    She took over in 1970 with Maurice, a descendant of one of the village oldest families. Both mixed their know-how and techniques in favor of vines and fruit trees planting which they sold directly but also within cooperative groups.

  • Bernard

    It was not until the 1990s that Bernard and Michelle moved in and continued to develop the property by modernizing the vineyard.


Representing the 5th generation, Jean grew up in a united family and close to nature. From an early age he developed his love of wine, thanks to his father Bernard who passed on to Jean his passion.

He studied viticulture and oenology in Beaune, Burgundy, in Provence and in Languedoc. He also made his experience through internships and jobs in different areas and houses both nationally and internationally.

It was now time for Jean, in 2017, once the winery was built, to make the wines produced by his family known.

Domaine ESPRIT is rich of an ancestral know-how and a legacy of beautiful terroirs and old vines only waiting to be spotlighted for your greastest gustatory pleasure.

Our values and our philosophy

  • A transgenerational family SPIRIT.
  • Work respecting the plant, soil, local fauna and flora that constitute our environment.
  • Promote natural methods for the cultivation of our vineyard and our winemaking process.
  • A meticulous work to obtain highest quality grapes and exceptional wines.
  • Make each tasting a pleasant moment.
  • Introduce our universe to our consumers by transmitting our values and our philosophy through our wines.